All are Welcome!


an invitation.

To enter. To engage, experience, share. To contribute, intervene, sustain.

To work. To symbolise, organize, codify. To collect, build, consolidate.
To destroy. To free, dissociate, detach. To stick, concentrate, extract.
To play. To reject, throw, catch. To imagine, fantasize, suspect.

To compose. To persist, emerge, preserve. To trust, respond, decide.



Always open to confluence. Welcome?

Created in February 2017 for the "PEAR CONFLUENCE", a conference hosted by the Students of the Master in New Performative Practices at the Stockholm University for the Arts.

The idea of this event was to create an hosting space where the visitors of the conference would have the possibility to experience a different perception of time. The apparent absence of goal and organization of the space was a way of contrasting the hyper organization of the conference structure, but rather than a critic to the conference in itself, the space was meant as an opportunity to process the information received during the presentations. The space aimed at giving freedom to the visitors but also at enabling them to accept this freedom. Thus the importance of giving a small task such as the use of envelopes and the necessity to create through the whiteness of the space, the use of led-lights and the creative material available, a context for the visitor to sustain their freedom, engage in the experience of being in the space and look for her/his journey in the space.

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