a work commissioned by the Archbishopric of Munich 


Concept and choreography: Alberto Franceschini and David Russo

Original composition: Helga Pogatschar

Performed by: Artemis Sakantanis, Bettina Theil-Marinkovic, Fabian Sedlmeir, Katrin Schafitel, Korinna Krauss, Pedro Dias,Robin Perizonius, Therese Madeleine Thonfors, Tillaman Patzak, Wolfang Reuter

Video: Constantin Georgescu


presented in the Cathedral of Munich on Ash Wednesday 2012.

Ceneri was presented on the 22nd of February 2012 before the celebration of the Mass in the Cathedral of Munich. The 45-minute long performance involved 2 parts. The first part, happening outside the church, was an installation of 20 minutes in which the performers wore carnival costumes and worked on a structured theatrical improvisation.

The second part of the work took place inside the Church and consisted of an improvisation-based group choreography along the middle nave.

The work aimed to embody thematics related to the Christian Lent. A special focus was given to the exploration of the transition from characters to non-characters and to the work on the idea of traces and imprints.