in collaboration with the two artists Ingrid Cogne and Ruggero Franceschini


”_The book* is like the alps - and you are not equipped to climb them
_Right - like with sneakers… without jackets…
_Right - it’s winter, we have gloves for hand work not for extreme weather”

Strange is the Loop is the second chapter of a trilogy which further develops the explaroation of Platform, started in 2019 with the work Do I look fluid? 


Developed in collaboration with Ingrid Cogne and Ruggero Franceschini, Strange is the Loopreflects on consciousness as a construct and  attempt to artistically examine the complexity of Duglas Hofstaedter's considerations, which extend to the fields of neuroscience, philosophy, mathematics and art.

Strange is the Loop is a piece for 2 performers and 2 electronic musicians. Planned for December 2020, the work was showed on-line in December 2020 and will première at the White Box of the OFF-Theater in Vienna in September 2021.

Concept: Alberto Franceschini
Dramaturgy: Ingrid Cogne
Performance: Alberto Franceschini, Ruggero Franceschini
Sound design and performance: Isabella Forciniti, Milena Georgieva
Light Design: Markus Schwarz

Objects design and realization: Giovanni Bianchin, Ingrid Cogne, Alberto Franceschini, Daniel Lercher, Jeroen Smith

A production of Momentum Kunst- und Kulturverein with friendly support from MA7 and Das Off Theater

Production management: Martina Knoll

Pictures: Cristina Ferri


     * Douglas R. Hofstadter, I Am a Strange Loop, Basic Books, 2007