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Alberto Franceschini

multidisciplinary artist with a background in performance 


Alberto studied dance in Italy and Switzerland (1998-2004) and he holds a MA in Choreography with a specialization in Performative Practices from UNIARTS Stockholm (2015-2017.) Next to his artistic practice, since 2019, he is studying Psychotherapy in Austria.

Through the idea of encounter - which establishes a continuity between Alberto's different projects and the artistic contexts in which he is involved, Alberto's practice explores the potential of contingency as well as the power of dialogical exchange to navigate between different kinds of materiality such us ideas, bodies, group dynamics, objects and texts, and sound. 

Between 2005 and 2019 Alberto worked in the freelance scene as well as for theatre institutions in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany and, as a member of Cullberg Ballet, in Sweden. His past artistic exchanges include relevant figures of the international choreographic scene such as Jefta van Dinther, Alexander Ekman, Margrét-Sara Guðjónsdóttir, Trajal Harrell, Benoit Lachambre, Hans Henning Paar, Philippe Saire, Marco Santi, Mette Igvartsen, Erik Berg and Elio Gervasi among many others.

With great interest in collaborations, since 2011 Alberto has continuously created performance-based works with a focus on choreography. His creations have a distinct cross-disciplinary character, a predilection for collaborative setting with fluid role definition, and an interest in contextualizing the creative product within the - spacial, cultural, social - environment in which it is exposed.

Since 2017, next to the artistic projects he initiates, he collaborate with Elio Gervasi within the frame of the Tanz Company Gervasi.

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