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| site-specific

a work commissioned by the Archbishopric of Munich

Concept and choreography: Alberto Franceschini and David Russo Original composition: Helga Pogatschar Performed by: Artemis Sakantanis, Bettina Theil-Marinkovic, Fabian Sedlmeir, Katrin Schafitel, Korinna Krauss, Pedro Dias, Robin Perizonius, Therese Madeleine Thonfors, Tillaman Patzak, Wolfang Reuter Video: Constantin Georgescu presented in the Cathedral of Munich on Ash Wednesday 2012. ​ Ceneri was presented on the 22nd of February 2012 before the celebration of the Mass in the Cathedral of Munich. The 45-minute long performance involved 2 parts. The first part, happening outside the church, was an installation of 20 minutes in which the performers wore carnival costumes and worked on a structured theatrical improvisation. The second part of the work took place inside the Church and consisted of an improvisation-based group choreography along the middle nave. The work aimed to embody thematics related to the Christian Lent. A special focus was given to the exploration of the transition from characters to non-characters and to the work on the idea of traces and imprints.

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