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| installation

a dance and video installation – performance created in collaboration with Audrey Van Herck and Constantin Georgescu.

Live installation, dance and video, created in collaboration with Constantin Georgescu and Audrey Van Herck. It involved two video cameras (one fix, filming Audrey in the hallway and the other one operated by Constantin in the main room, filming Alberto) and two beamers (one projecting on Audrey and connected to Constantin’s camera and the other one connected with the fix camera in front of Audrey and projecting in the main room where Alberto was performing). It was a closed circle of images traveling between Audrey and Alberto, although they had no direct, physical contact. The soundscape is based on womb sounds and James Brown's "A man's world". Presented at the 25th anniversary of Tanztendenz, at the theatre "Schwere Reiter", in Munich, in April 2012.

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