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| curatorial work
| site-specific
| hybrid genre

An event mixing dance, performance and visual art, presented in Treviso (Italy) in 2012. Created and curated in collaboration with Audrey Van Herck and Daniel Buso. The event lasted 5 hours and took place in an old wood deposit in the town of Preganziol (Treviso) bringing together 15 artists coming from dance, music, visual art and performance. The concept of the event was to create a meeting point between different artists in a open creative space regulated by fixed performative acts that took place every 30-45 minutes. All the artists were involved in developing their own artistic processes and interactions with the other participants while the public was free to access the space how and when it wanted. ​ Invited artists: Camilla Monga / Luca Scapellato / Constantin Georgescu/ Andrea Clementi/ Isabella Paris / Alessandro Severin/ Johannes Ohlenschlaeger / Elisabetta Di Sopra / Sauromane/ Maarten Isaäk De Heer / Aleph Tonetto / Sai Hua Kuan Cristina Da Ponte / Ruggero Franceschini/ Katja Wachter

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