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Merce 2-for-7

| stage design
| supervision
| communication

In Merce 2-for-7, the Tanz Company Gervasi follows the footsteps of Merce Cunningham and playfully dives into his creative spaces and dance metamorphoses

Concept and choreography: Elio Gervasi

Choreographic support: Alberto Franceschini

Music: Alessandro Vicard

Dramaturgy: Karl Baratta

Costumes: Hanna Hollmann

Stage: Elio Gervasi and Alberto Franceschini

Light: Patricia Schoenangerer und Elio Gervasi

With Marina Rützler, Nicola Manzoni, Megan Castro, Luca Zanni, Paula Dominici, Serena Zaccagnini

In close collaboration with Elio Gervasi, I develop the stage design for the piece. The articulated wood object with metal plates has a totemic appearance and recalls both the geometries which are characteristic of Cunningham's aesthetic and the presence of Merce Cunningham, controlling, supervising, and directing the happening on stage. The blue wall is a place of recovery, for the eye of the viewer and for the dancer but it is also a geometric counterpart to the complexity of the other object.

As a choreographic assistant, I engaged in dialogical practice with the choreographer to explore and articulate the complexity of the choreographic procedure. I also facilitated the communication between the artistic team, translating the conceptual ideas of the choreographer into each specific approach of the artists involved.

For Merce 2-for-7 I also took care of the PR and communication with the audience, the theatre, and the press. For this purpose, I developed a series of pictures and created a flyer.

A production of Tanz Company Gervasi in cooperation with WUK performing arts. Supported by the cultural department of the City of Vienna and the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Public Service and Sports.

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