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Notre Dame

| choreography
| assistant director
| stage manager

"Notre Dame", Oper von Franz Schmidt

Musical direction: Michael Balke

Staging: Carlos Wagner

Stage: Rifail Ajdarpasic

Costume: Chistophe Ouvrard

Lighting: Guido Petzold

Sound: Benjamin Schultz, Stephan Linde

Choreography: Alberto Franceschini

Choir rehearsal: Michael Vogel

Dramaturgy: Marius Bolten

Premiere: Freitag, 25. Juni 2021

Next to my role as choreographer, I was also engaged as assistant director for Carlos Wager as well as stage director during the performances.

"Sophisticated and opulent, but not overstuffed, the individual elements enter into a highly satisfying symbiosis with one another: The fully utilized set, both in width and dizzying height; the costumes, which are a successful blend of 18th-century officer uniforms, liturgical vestments, and wild boho-style; the carnival masks, which could just as easily pass for shaggy fir brushwood demons at Fasnacht; the restrained staging, creatively augmented by the Theater St. Gallen dance company; and the consistently excellent performances by all the singers. The result is a unique and deeply gratifying opera experience that nevertheless feels delightfully normal."

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