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| participatory
| hybrid genre
| research

A Game of Layers and Disappearance

participatory game-performance of about 60 minutes for 1 to 3 visitors, repeated 15 times over 5 days. Created in Collaboration with Jonas Karl Pettersson and Charlotta Ruth. ​ With “The Score of Becoming” I created a format for exposing my MA research (Uniarts Stockholm 2015-2017) and artistic practice retrospectively at the same time as continuing the research by inviting the visitors to become part of a transformation practice. Focusing on my question of how interactions between materials and layers of presence can allow dance to emerge, I have explored choreographic structures inspired from game and play. In the Score of Becoming, the hierarchical flattening of the available materials suggests a reproduction of my research context where the distribution of focus onto different media allows my practice toemergee and develop. Materials are, in my conception, all that is available in the practice in a specific moment e.g. paper, sound, video material, my body, memories, ect. and in the case of the Score of Becoming, also the visitors. From a metaphoric perspective, the visitors, through their presence, are activating and expanding“Alberto Franceschini's body (of research)”. Being both invited to witness from within and invited to become the materials of the practices, they are the artwork and its audience at the same time. Rather than framing my artistic outcome, the numerous repetitions of the event are a continuous exploration of the conditions and structures under which a creative practice can be sustained and exposed.

Interview with Josephine Wikström

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